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We're Saying

"I DO!"

September 23, 2023 at 4:30pm | Topo's Restaurant

Hector + Yaneth





Guided By Fate

Love Story

Although we grew up and danced in the same circles as young adults, our paths only ever briefly crossed. Decades passed and two of our best friends and fate formally introduced us.

Months later, we met again, finally danced, laughed and started our journey.

Now, we're preparing to enter a new chapter of our love story with our forever dance partner.

Bear Witness To

Our Special Day


September 23, 2033 at 4:30 PM



Topo's Restaurant | Chino, CA

What to wear:

Formal or Cocktail Attire

At Our Wedding,

the only present we Require is

Your Presence

However, if you wish to further bless our special day with a gift, we have created a

Honeymoon Fund at



We look Forward To

with You


We kindly request your response by Aug 31, 2023. hecya!